A Mozart Mystery: Sonata Manuscript Surfaces in Budapest
The New York Times
01. 10. 2014.
"For Balazs Mikusi, a young Hungarian musicologist, it was the find of a lifetime. Leafing through folders of unidentified manuscripts at the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest recently, he came across four pages of what looked to him like Mozart’s handwriting."
Hungarian scholar stumbles on original score of Mozart sonata
01. 10. 2014.
"Mikusi quickly cross-checked his finding with Mozart experts, and they confirmed his discovery. The four pages were the original score of the Piano Sonata in A Major, K.331, one of the composer's best-known sonatas."
Mozart's A major piano sonata K331 manuscript found
01. 10. 2014.
"As he looked through a folder of unidentified music scores, among the many copies and unremarkable scores he suddenly noticed a page that made his heart jump."
Mozart's A major piano sonata K331: the manuscript is discovered!
The Guardian
09. 29. 2014.
"News has just come to light of a major Mozart discovery, of a priceless manuscript that had lain in the musty depths of Budapest’s National Szechenyi Library for who knows how many decades, only to be rediscovered by a Haydn scholar making one of the most fortuitous Mozartian tangents of all time."
Original Mozart sonata manuscript found in Budapest
AFP (youtube)
26. 09. 2014.
A rediscovered sonata, as Mozart intended
Yahoo News
27. 09. 2014.
"When I first laid eyes upon the manuscript, the handwriting already looked suspiciously 'Mozartish'," said Mikusi, head of the music collection at Budapest's National Szechenyi Library. "Then I started reading the notes, and realised it is the famous A Major sonata... My heart rate shot up," he told AFP as he proudly showed off his precious discovery.
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